Look through the list of the most significant and inspiring attractions in our african planet and make your personal ‘must visit’ list for future adventures!


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Home to a diverse range of wildlife, including the critically endangered mountain gorillas.


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Experience the pristine beaches and vibrant marine life of Mozambique, a coastal gem nestled along the Indian Ocean.

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Immerse yourself in the traditions of Cameroon, where diverse ethnic groups coexist, offering a kaleidoscope of customs, languages, and vibrant festivals.


At travexcape, our mission is to connect adventurers with the vibrant cultures, untamed wilderness, and rich histories that define Africa. We believe in responsible travel that not only leaves a lasting impact on the traveler but also contributes positively to the communities and environments we explore.

Africa, with its vast tapestry of nations, each unique in its offerings, beckons to be explored. From the dense jungles of the Congo and the arid landscapes of Angola to the cultural mosaic of Cameroon and the pristine beaches of Sao Tome and Principe, our itineraries are crafted to showcase the unparalleled beauty and diversity of this incredible continent.

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Embark on an adventure in the Central African Republic, where sprawling savannas and diverse ecosystems offer a true safari experience.


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Discover the unspoiled beauty of Angola, a country known for its striking landscapes, from the mesmerizing Namib Desert to the picturesque coastline along the Atlantic Ocean.

Himba tribe

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glacial hiking

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